Monday, August 18, 2008


As is my custom, I gave The Dean a goodbye kiss this morning before leaving for work. Betty, eating her breakfast with her back to us, turned around.

"I saw what you two just did ...." she said, in a sing-song voice. "And you need to stop it."

We laughed and asked why.

"BeeeCAUSE!! Mommy, you're going to turn into a wedding gown and Daddy, you're going to turn into a suit."

On Saturday, I was getting dressed for a fun-filled day of errands which I'd promoted to Betty (who would be accompanying me) as a "Girl's Day Out." (Haircuts, lunch at Friendly's, and shopping at Target were all on the agenda so this wasn't a hard sell.) Betty came into the bedroom to advise me on my jewelry options.

"How about this?" she said, holding up a black and orange Halloween charm bracelet that is usually only worn approximately 3 days each year. I declined, saying that I didn't feel like wearing that particular bangle today. I then selected a silver heart necklace.

Betty nodded with approval. "That gives you a good look too," she stated.

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Gail M said...

Aww, that is cute!
She's got an opinion and not afraid to share it!!

Bridget is 8 and we're already having morning "clothes wars". Sigh!!