Friday, August 22, 2008

Countdown is On ...

Today's the last official day of summer vacation. Again, it's a cliche, but where the hell did the summer go?

Last night was "meet-your-new-teacher-and-see-your-classroom" night at school. Because of the enrollment boom in our district, a whole new school needed to be built adjacent to the existing school. Turns out Betty and Boo are both in the new building. We were impressed with both the facilities and the teachers.

Their "First Day of School" homework was completed by July 1. (Believe it or not, I actually know where it is.)

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Gail M said...

Our kids here in Nebraska have been in school since Aug 13!!
It's utterly ridiculous, as August is really no longer summer. Orientations began on Aug 4 for the high school, and 7th for the middle, and the 11th for the elementary.
Plus I had my oldest daughter start college this year.
That's four (count 'em!) schools for us this year! No wonder I cannot work, I have to stay home and be a secretary to keep up with all this paperwork, and schedules!!!