Monday, August 25, 2008

Extracting the Details

Well, we survived the first day of school without a call from the nurse's office. Oh, you think I'm being dramatic, but this time last night, it wasn't outside the realm of possibility.

Betty's had a loose tooth for awhile now. Honestly, I thought it would have fallen out over the summer. It seems to be taking it's good ol' time ... just as it did for both kids to get their teeth to begin with. Last night, after the backpacks were stuffed with the required school supplies, after the lunches were packed, and after the kids were presumed to be asleep, Betty started to cry. Loudly.

Her tooth was hurting. A lot. It was reallyreallyreally wiggly. Indeed, it was much more wiggly than it had been. She was inconsolable, despite our futile reassurances that if it fell out on the first day of school, she could go to her teacher or the nurse and they would know what to do. Before this, I wasn't nervous about the first day of school. However, now I was a little apprehensive.

Thankfully, this morning the tooth seemed to have been all but forgotten and it was forgotten by the time we sat down for dinner. Truthfully? The most painful part of the day wasn't the tooth. Like most parents, it was extracting the details of what happened during the day at school.


MMPat said...

Looks like Betty got our teeth.

Gail M said...

Put both of you out of your misery and PULL it!!
I've done that a time or two!!
Those last couple of "strings" can be stubborn!!