Thursday, August 14, 2008

It's About Time

For someone who has wanted to be a writer since kindergarten and who has a milestone birthday beginning with the number 4 next spring, it's about time that I started a blog.

And so I have, beginning with this post.

Every so often, we get subtle (and not so subtle) reminders of just how quickly life is passing by. (It sounds cliche-ish, and it is, but in tribute to
Randy Pausch, it fits.) I was thinking about that on my drive home tonight because tomorrow marks one of those milestones.

Tomorrow is 18 years since former Phillies' player Terry Mullholland pitched a no-hitter at the former Veteran's Stadium. For two college students in the 700 level near the Pepsi sign, August 15, 1990 was a first date, made possible by free tickets from a package of Phillies Franks.

In the 18 years since, Terry Mullholland retired from baseball. Those college kids got married. Veteran's Stadium became a parking lot. The newlyweds became vegetarians, then homeowners, then professionals with retirement plans. And oh yeah ... parents. Peanut and Boo have been now been here longer than it took us to get them here.

Eighteen years is a really long time - and yet sometimes, that Phillies game seems like it was a couple weeks ago. What it really is is a reminder that life ain't slowin' down anytime soon.

So, it's time to start writing again and while doing so, try to chronicle these next 18 years before they, too, become part of our glory days.

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