Sunday, August 17, 2008

What's in a Name?

So this little blog of mine isn't a week old yet and we've had our first name change. It's sort of like the experience some have when becoming parents and deciding on the kid's name; sometimes the baby that you get just doesn't look like the Myrtle or Tiffani you were expecting. Hence, a new descriptive name is in order.

This may come as a surprise to some, but Peanut and Boo aren't the real names of my kids. They're descriptive nicknames, to be sure, and the ones they've had pretty much since birth. But as they get older and their personalities emerge even more than we've seen, they remind us of others we've known.

For awhile now, Peanut has reminded us of my beloved grandmother who passed away several years ago. She's missed - a lot. But at times, it seems as if we have a smaller version of her living with us. Peanut loves to wear dresses, preferably pink. (Her closet looks like a bottle of Pepto-Bismol exploded.) In her world, accessories aren't optional. She owns more handbags, bottles of nail polish, and lip gloss than I ever will. Her favorite gift from Santa this past Christmas was the Dora "Let's Get Ready" vanity - which continues to be used every day. She's also rather sociable. She'll talk to anyone. At every school activity last year, she would be buzzing about the room talking with all the kids in her class.

This is a good thing - except for the nail polish and lip gloss - and she's so very much like my grandmother. Take this morning at church. During each service, there are always a few moments where the congregation is asked to turn to those seated in close proximity and say good morning. Peanut and Boo love this. Today, we turned around after saying a quick hello to a couple behind us and discovered that Peanut was several rows in front, greeting a friend from Sunday School and welcoming some newcomers.

As we often to say to each other in such instances, I whispered to The Dean, "She's such a little Betty." And then, "Maybe I should change her name in the blog."

And so I have. And knowing my grandmother - who would be circulating this blog to every family member and septuagenarian in her retirement community - she would be tickled pink to be the only person refered to in the blog by her real name.


DemMom said...

I love blogs, so glad you're doing this. I started one when I got addicted to reading them, but I never update it! It's I really hope that I can get in the habit, mostly for the same reason. I think I will remember all the amazing things the kids do and say, but I won't. I need a record! Have fun!

M said...

betsy said ...

I love your idea and have loved reading the blog so far..only if I could get my mom to get a computer, I will have to print these for her! I also have very fond memories of your grandmother who was to me Aunt Betty who I was also honored to have her as my God Mother. She was always dressed up so pretty and smelled so good. When I visit your grandfather I love looking at her pictures and decorating decor. Enjoy Betty and Boo, mine are Michelle, 25 and just got engaged, Lisa, 21 and hoping to be done college for marketing in 1 to 1 1/2 more years at U of DE and Tim who just entered 11th grade. Sometimes I miss the days they were young, but then I come back to my senses!!! One time I asked Aunt Hazel who was holding my Tim 16 years ago as a baby if she wanted to start over again. She replied, if I did I would worry less about what my house looked like and get down on the floor and play with the kids! Enjoy and I look forward to following your journey! Betsy