Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bitten by the Acting Frog ... er, I Mean Bug

Boo's been talking about wanting to be "on a stage" for awhile now. He's been to several children's theatre productions and according to my mom, was absolutely transfixed during one such performance. He often performs for us at home, using the sofas as his stage and singing Beatles songs verbatim with guitar in hand. He's got a wicked memory and one of the array of specialists we've seen suggested several years ago that acting might be something he might enjoy and be good at.

So I decided to see if anyplace local offered acting lessons for almost 7-year olds and lo and behold, a local arts center does. Not only do they have an acting workshop for kids ages 4-8, but they are performing "A Year With Frog and Toad" later this fall. (Boo loves this series.) I emailed their executive director to see if there were openings, and there happened to be 4 more places in the cast. I typed in my credit card number and voila! Boo became an actor.

When I picked him up today, I told him I had something to tell him at home.

"Tell me in the car," he said.

Fearing a meltdown, I confessed. I'm not all that good about keeping secrets.

"Do you still want to take acting lessons?" I said, tentatively, half-holding my breath and seeing in my mind the "no refunds" clause on the e-agreement I'd clicked "yes" to only mere hours earlier.


I explained that I found an acting class and that he was going to be in the play "A Year With Frog and Toad."

The look on his face was the epitome of sheer joy. I would have gladly paid twice as much as I did for the workshop to see that.

"Really?" he said. "Oh, Iamsoso ...exciiiiiiiiiiiiiiited!"

His first class is this Saturday. Remember, you knew him when ....


gail elle said...

How could they be 7?? Where did the time go?
We had a budding actor in our family, we signed her up for a class at the local playhouse. She had a great time playing Barney the purple dinosaur, but she was older than Boo and had no friends in the class so she didn't stick with it. Starting him at age 7 when they so easily make friends is probably the way to go!! Break a leg, Boo!

Robin said...

I was in Goodwill while they were looking for green and brown clothing for Frog and Toad! (XXXL; must be a big guy!) When is the production?

Betty and Boo's Mommy said...

Oh, that's so funny! It's Nov 15-16 as well as Nov 22-23. Boo has been cast as Mole Number 3. The XXXL definitely isn't for him. I wonder if there's a giant or something in the cast ... I'll have to check out his script. :)