Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Higher Education

A new school year brings the return of one of my favorite mindless reading pleasures: the student newspaper published by collegians at my alma mater.

This week's edition has an article about the Amethyst Initiative, as well as this: (Although the student's name was published in the newspaper, I'm identifying her by her initials as well as omitting the name of the college.)

As many freshmen kiss their parents goodbye, for more than a few, visions of uninterrupted keg parties, unlimited liquor shots and games of beer pong come to mind. "I expected more drinking. I'm not going to lie. I was a little disappointed," M.S., freshman special education major, said about her orientation at Liberal Arts College.

Wow. With tuition at this institution of higher education just shy of $30,000 (with another $11,000 tacked on for room and board), I can only imagine how pleased M.S's parents will be to read how their investment is already paying off.

Let's hope that sometime in the next four years M.S. learns about a nifty little website called Google.com, which will keep her intelligent quote available for all posterity, as well as for any potential school district wishing to hire her to teach their special education students.


Robin said...

Wow. Really, wow.

I've also seen that there is a debate going on, attempting to lower the drinking age to 18. Why? To take the pressure off the colleges, so they are not held responsible for policing these kids?

I'm no angel, I wasted a good bit of my college years going to frat parties, sneaking in alcohol... But at least I felt terribly guilty about it and was terrified that I would get caught. These kids have no fear.

MMPAT said...

Looks like her parents picked the right school. She picked the wrong one if she thought she was going to party.