Monday, September 22, 2008

Liner Notes

So I'm driving home from work one day last week and "Barracuda" comes on.

(May I just interject that satellite radio is the best thing invented since ... well, the radio itself? Sirius has saved me many a day on my commute from hell.)

Anyway, so I'm singin' and rockin' with Ann and Nancy, drumming on the steering wheel, looking oh-so-cool in my almost 8-year old mommy-van with the two carseats, dented bumper, and Autism Awareness magnet.

"And if the real thing don’t do the trick ..." I sang. "You better make up something quick! You gonna burn, burn, burn, burn, burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrn it to the wick! Oooooooh, barracuuuuuuuuuda!"

So I'm singing, and I'm thinking of Ann and Nancy's polite request to the McCain campaign to kindly cease and desist using "Barracuda" as a rallying cry, and it occurs to me ... maybe they might kind of want to listen to the sisters because maybe these aren't exactly the lyrics that the McCain folks really want. Did they even read the lyrics? How many of the staffers were, like, even conceived when Heart released their album "Little Queen" in 1977 - the album that contains "Barracuda." (Wow, "Little Queen." Now there's some irony for you. )

And then I thought, there's gotta be a blog post here somewhere.

(May I interject again? True confession time: I get most of my inspiration for this blog - if you can call it inspired - during my commutes, usually the afternoon.) But I couldn't think of where to take it, so I didn't do anything with that idea.

This was last week.

Today, I'm driving to work again (I do that a lot these days) and listening to my favorite talk-radio morning guy , and he mentions this article from "Do they even read the lyrics?"

Well, hot damn - that's where I was going with the blog post idea. just got to it first.

Not only did read my mind, but apparently, they too are into reading lyrics and
deciphering meanings.


Anonymous said...

I have to say, you're right there! The whole "make up something quick" probably isn't something to admit! I think they all do it though, so maybe they're just being honest for once. HA HA!

I love love love the image of you rocking out in the mini van - I am a mini van mom with a pretty hefty CD collection! (No satellite for me, as I rarely drive more than 10 minutes at a time!)

Betty and Boo's Mommy said...

At least you've GOT a CD player, girlfriend. I think I'm driving the last car on earth without one. We settled for the "bare bones model" minivan when we bought this - and that means no CD player, NO POWER WINDOWS OR LOCKS (yep, it's all manual), or remote entry, etc. But it's paid for and at 106k miles, it's still runnin' (knock wood). It's sad when I look forward to the car needing an oil change b/c it means I get to drive The Dean's car (which has a CD and satellite) to work.

DemMom said...

LOL! I was laughing at myself today, cruising down the interstate after being at work for 30 hours (yes, I slept there). Professional dress, heels, bluetooth in my ear, rocking out to PINK! I have a CD player, but I never get around to changing out my CDs, so I listen to the same thing over and over!