Friday, September 19, 2008

Martha Stewart, My New BFF

Those of you who know me IRL (that means "in real life", Mom) might find this amusing.

In the name of self-promotion for my writing and this blog, I've entered a contest of sorts on Martha Stewart's blog (yes, that Martha Stewart) to have her review and comment on The Betty and Boo Chronicles.

Some of you have seen my house and know of my organizational and clutter challenges. So, I understand full well the irony of my inviting Martha Stewart into even a smidgeon of my life.

(The Dean is gonna love this. Fortunately, he doesn't read my blog.)

But if you too have a blog and wish for Martha to comment on it, check out the contest at and she just might stop by your cyber-home too.


I'm just me... said...

I found you blog yesterday, while browsing blogs. I love to read blogs by other parents. I don't know you IRL. I am in WV and blog about my daughter, my husband and all the random other things that go on in my life. If you don't mind I will follow along on your journey with The Betty and Boo Chronicles.

Betty and Boo's Mommy said...

Absolutely! Please do follow along, and I'll do the same. I added you as a link on here. I love reading parenting blogs, too. My husband (The Dean) doesn't understand how that can be fun, but, as I said, he doesn't even read his own wife's blog. :)
(I think we might be somewhat acquainted IRL, if in fact you know the folks who write the (lo) down blog. :) Anyway, very nice to meet you!

Robin said...

You are way braver than I am! I read about Martha's contest too but I was WAY too intimidated by the concept of interacting with her. Good luck! Hope you win!

Betty and Boo's Mommy said...

Robin, she would LOVE your blog!