Saturday, September 20, 2008

Name My Price

Betty and I spent part of our morning shopping at the Mothers of Multiples Fall Resale. How much do you think I spent altogether for everything? I'll post a picture of the stuff I got for Betty, followed by a list - then the same for Boo.

As you can tell, it's all-pink and purple all the time for Betty. That's all she wears. I've given up fighting that battle.

The items pictured above include:
Disney Princess backpack with handle and wheels (brand new)
Winter boots (The Children's Place, also brand new)
Pink skirt
Purple pants (Healthtex)
Sneakers that light up
Fuscia "Princess" jumper (Disney Kids)
Pink top/floral pants outfit
Fancy purple dress
Stretch pants (3 pairs - 1) fuscia is The Children's Place; 2) the lavender is from KRU (Kids R' Us) and the third one doesn't have a brand name)
Silver dress shoes
PJs (4 separate pairs, 3 of which are Carters)
Striped turtleneck
Floral top
Pink cardigan sweater (Gap)
Plastic belt
Pink plaid jumper and collared shirt (Sonoma Jeans)
Disney Princess book "What Is a Princess?" (gee, I think I have a clue ...)
VHS tape of "The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Undersea Adventures" (we've borrowed this many a time from the library)

And for Boo (he has fewer items because he's somewhat picky about his clothing. He will not wear a short-sleeved shirt of any kind. It's either a tank top or a long-sleeved shirt. There's no in-between in his world. This time of year gets particularly challenging. In addition, he will not wear a button-down shirt, shirts with collars, or jeans.)

Maroon and tan shirt (Sonoma Jeans)
Gray/black suit (vest/pants)
Black dress shoes
Robots in space shirt (Carters)
Green and white turtleneck (Gap)
"No sleeve shirt" (Old Navy)
"No sleeve shirt" (The Children's Place)
Book - "Ridiculous Knock-Knock Jokes"
Book - Magic Tree House "Twister on Tuesday"

So how much do you think I spent total?


gail elle said...

Well, for Betty's items alone, it's looking like retail would be a few hundred! Somehow I'm guessing you got a great deal!!
It's always fun to get a bargain!!

I'm just me... said...

Wow, what great items! Looks like Betty and Boo got tons of great things. If this sale was anything like a recent consignment sale that I went to you got a great deal!