Tuesday, September 30, 2008

No Place That I'd Rather Be

Around 6:15 a.m. today, Boo picked up his guitar and greeted the day (which had already been underway for about an hour) by performing a cover of Billy Joel's "Piano Man." He shuffled the words around a bit, making it into an autobiographical tune of sorts called "Guitar-o Man," but there was absolutely no mistaking the melody.

"Piano Man" always brings me back to one of my favorite nights ever: an early summer's evening in June 1995 when The Dean and I occupied a corner table at Tony's Steak and Seafood Restaurant in Hastings-on-Hudson, NY, listening to my uncle play the piano for hours on borrowed time. (He would pass away 10 months later.)

Fast forward 13 years later to this morning with Boo switching up his lyrics with Billy's. And that was completely fine with me, given that I wasn't in the mood to explain the concept of "making love to his tonic and gin" before my first sip of coffee. Nonetheless, Boo and I started singing at the top of our lungs.

"Well, John at the bar is a friend of mine," I sang, leading Boo along. "He gets me my drinks for freeeeeee. And he's quick with a smoke and to light up your joke and there's no place that I'd rather beeeeeeeeeeeeee ..."

Overhearing this from upstairs, The Dean started to laugh. "Did you say 'quick with a smoke and to light up your joke'?" Our laughter became louder than our singing.

Hey, what can I say? Listening to my little guy playing the guitar, singing his heart out in the living room, and all of us laughing together ... at 6:15 a.m., there was no place that I'd rather be.

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