Saturday, November 15, 2008

Best of the Week

I read a lot of blogs and other publications online. So, I thought I would introduce a new feature here on the B&B Chronicles where I share the best (in my entirely humble opinion) of what I've read during the past week. Without further ado, here are some of the best from this past week:

From Autism Vox on 11/10/08:
I Care, We Care, and Teaching Them to Care

and again on Autism Vox on 11/12/08:
Say It Isn't So, Cookie (Veggie?) Monster!

From Unclutterer on 11/10/08: Amazon Introduces "Frustration-Free Packaging"

From Mid-Century Modern Moms on 11/12/08: a hilarious post called Does EVERYONE Have a Blog?

From We Are THAT Family on 11/13/08: It Happened to Me is a reminder for all of us.

From Notes from the Trenches on 11/13/08: Fourteen

My friend Robin writes the blog, and today she has a link to FAO Schwarz's site where you can design your own Muppet! Boo just got such a kick out of this. Hours of online entertainment for the kids, provided that you don't click "Add to Cart."

I'm not sure where I found this, but it's a good read anyway: 50 Things You Might Not Know About Barack Obama.

Happy Reading!


Robin said...

Hours of online entertainment for the kids? Hours of online entertainment for MOMMY!

I, too, was bummed out to learn that cookies are a sometime food. I understand they are trying to teach healthy habits... but sometimes I want the fairy tale.

And OF COURSE Amazon goes frustration-free now that I've sworn off traditional plastic toys. If I had a dollar for every gaping wound I've incurred opening Christmas toys, I'd... have... a bunch of dollars. A WHOLE LOT of dollars.

Anonymous said...

I'm not on this list.

I havent' written anything worthy, I know!! hee.