Saturday, November 1, 2008

Boo for Class President!

This is what Boo actually wound up writing for his statement why he would like to be Class President:

The reason why i want to be President is because i do not want to be cought by Sirhan Sirhan. i want to be a good President. i can help children in Ms. C.'s class. i will not lie to any kid in the whole entire world. i want to be the best President in the country. i want to win 8 years. i want to be just like Ronald Reagan! Love, Boo XOXO

I'm not exactly certain if Boo's teacher knows who Sirhan Sirhan is, to be honest. Oh, and did I mention that the winning candidate gets to have lunch with the principal?

I'm betting that Boo may be having a chat with the principal regardless. Either that, or he's going to be calling us to find out how an almost-7 year old is aware not only of the fact of Bobby Kennedy being assassinated but of the name of the individual (Sirhan Sirhan) doing the assassination.

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