Sunday, November 9, 2008

Firing Up the Laptop

We live and breathe access to our computers in this house. The hulking PC sits, abandoned, in the den (or, the room that will become The Dean's den when we get around to fixing it up) and has done so for the past year. It's served us well for the past 5 or 6 years, but it's a dinosaur.

When we moved into this house, The Dean insisted that we get wireless Internet access - which ranks among the best decisions he has ever convinced me of. (Yeah, it might rank higher than his marriage proposal, which was pretty creative in its own right.)

With The Dean's new job came a laptop. I resisted it at first - much like the concept of driving a minivan or SUV - hating the cursor, hating a lot about it. But, as I started to use it for work and fun, I liked it. A lot. And so did the kids, discoving the wonders of and the myriad world of online games featuring Dora and the Wonderpets and God knows what else. By this point, the constant fights over who was on the computer when and for how long were starting to drive The Dean and I nuts, so we invested in a second laptop - which became mine and the kids' computer, with The Dean using it for viewing Yankees games online.

Boo has become a prolific writer, banging out a novella a day on the laptop. (I'm not kidding; many of his stories are upwards of 50 or more pages, typed, in 8 pt. font). Betty has discovered, working with Mommy to create a page with her favorite books. And then there's the online sites we frequent and these little blogs of ours.

You get the idea that we're rather dependent on our laptops here in the Betty and Boo home.

Last night, my laptop was moments away from exploding. Literally. The machine had been acting oddly and was becoming increasingly problematic. The Dean - who is very gifted in matters of electronics - discovered that the cord was frayed and the wires were protruding. And, as he discovered such, sparks flew out from said wires. It could have caused a fire, and potentially when we weren't home (as I tend to keep the laptop plugged in and on frequently, having little patience for irksome procedures like logging in.)

This is a long way of saying that we're down one laptop in this house and my blog entries and commentary on yours might be less frequent than of late. I'm guessing a few won't care, and a few might be incredibly relieved. Hopefully the problem will be solved with a trip to Circuit City today.

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