Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Geography Awareness Day

Today is Geography Awareness Day at Betty and Boo's school, and in celebration, they were encouraged to wear a shirt with a place name on it.

My first thought was of the shirt bearing the name of our vacation spot, Undisclosed Location. But, thanks to weather this past weekend that was in the 70s and ideal for a visit to Undisclosed Location (did I mention we are anticipating snow today?), said shirt is in the wash. And The Dean only does laundry once a week 'round here.

(Yes. That's not a typo. THE DEAN does the laundry. All of it. At least five loads of it. The sorting, the washing, the folding, the putting-away. Every weekend. This must be what being a kept woman feels like.)

There are the sweatshirts from Cape May, gifts from Mom-Mom and Grandpop. They are nowhere to be found ... and, I suspect, too small.

That left a sweatshirt emblazoned with SEATTLE on it as Boo's option. "Where's Seattle?" he asked.

"It's a city in Washington," we replied.

"Like GEORGE Washington!" my presidential-enthusiast whooped. Indeed. Yes.

"Have I been there?" he asked.

"No. But Mommy has a friend who lives near there. And one who used to live there." (Hi, C.'s mommy! Hi, Rachel Cole!)

The Seattle shirt came from the Philadelphia suburbs, from an awesome rummage sale that is organized by the area's Mothers of Multiples group.

Selecting a geographically-correct shirt from Betty's wardrobe proved to be more challenging, because it needed to meet her #1 criteria: Must. Be. Pink.

I looked in Boo's closet to see if there was anything that strayed over there when we moved into this house (a year ago tomorrow!) And eureka ... there it was! A tie-dyed shirt, emblazoned with Arkansas!

"It's piiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!" Betty squealed. "And look Mommy, look, it's purple, and has a bunch of other colors too!!! I love it."

I made a mental note to genuflect before Aunt R. and Uncle J. when we see them this weekend, for THIS shirt comes to us courtesy of Aunt R., who proffered it to us when son J. got too big for said shirt. I explained that Uncle J. had traveled a lot to Arkansas for his job and he had gotten this shirt for J. (who Betty adores). When J. got too big for it, the shirt came to us. It's short-sleeves, and thus out of the question for Boo to wear. But perfect for Betty. Because it has pink in it.

The point of this long post (besides warming up my brain for some writing that I need to do work-wise, and serving as a distraction from an important meeting that I have this afternoon) is that Geography Awareness Day has made me aware of one thing: we don't go anywhere. Our vacations are to Undisclosed Location - because we're a) cheap and b) thankful that I was born into a family with an aunt and uncle who have a home there. We also don't buy souvenir t-shirts. I never really saw the point of that, since said shirt is going to be outgrown eventually.

Maybe that's the point of Geography Awareness Day. That we gotta get out of our comfort zone and GO someplace.

Or ... not. Most likely, our travels will take us to Undisclosed Location again. And exploring what's in our own backyard ... and closets.

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Beth Kephart said...

This is a very funny post; you had me laughing. You may not physically go as far as you'd like, but your imagination travels.