Sunday, November 9, 2008

Mia's Magic Makings

Betty's Girl Scout troop (of which I am a co-leader) had a special guest tonight, an 11 year old girl named Mia who makes her own jewelry and sells it online via Etsy. She taught the girls how to make their own necklaces and bracelets. They each made two pieces, and as you might imagine, Betty was in her glory.

I was very, very impressed with Mia. She's going places. Extremely articulate and self-assured for an 11-year old, her presentation was on-par with some that I've seen in my professional life. She brought several items to sell, and we snapped up a bunch of her creations. I bought this necklace that is worthy of wearing to a $150 per plate luncheon that I need to attend tomorrow as part of my job. I bought Betty this necklace and bracelet set as an early birthday present.

You can check out Mia's work here at her online shop, Mia's Magic Makings.

1 comment:

gail elle said...

I was curious so i checked it out.
I ordered the same necklace.
And the flower power necklace for Bridget for Christmas.