Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanksgiving from the Pantry

It's just going to be the four of us this Thanksgiving, so our feast will be much simpler than usual. In previous years, we've gone to relatives' homes and last year, we hosted dinner at our new home. (I ordered the whole meal - turkey and all - from the local supermarket for $50, which is absolutely the way to go).

But this year, circumstances and distance have us hangin' at home, which is fine with me. We've had a couple busy weekends lately, and I'm kind of looking forward to a low-key holiday day.

So, this morning while I was trying to plan our meals for the week, I was thinking about what to make for Thanksgiving . I realized that we have an abundance of food in the pantry, as well as in the freezer. We have frozen vegetables and instant mashed potatoes and rice and vegetable broth and beans and soups ... more than enough for our little family of four to have a delicious Thanksgiving dinner. I decided that the majority of our meal will come from the pantry. I'll still purchase what I was planning to, but it will be donated to our local Food Bank, which feeds 90,000 people in our state each year and recently needed to close its emergency feeding program because of lack of food.

Betty helped me put the groceries away after I returned from the store and I pointed out how full our pantry was. I reminded her that we are very, very lucky and that some people don't have enough to eat.

"I think we should share some of our food with them," I announced.

"That's a great idea!" said Betty. "And we can go to the grocery store and buy them some food," she added.

Yes, I told her. Yes, we can.

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