Sunday, December 21, 2008

Best of the Week - Dec 14-20

This is somewhat of an abbreviated (and belated) Best Of this week, as several items that would have made it into this list (Save Handmade, Dating is Dead, Sweet Caroline) were determined to be full post-worthy. Still, here are some additional tidbits that are worth checking out.

My friend Robin has a great post on her blog, called The 3 R's to Live By: Responsibility. Respect. Reverence.

And while you're at Robin's site, check out her other post about the flying squirrel she and her husband encountered in their bedroom. All I have to say is that Robin and Jeff are much more calmer than The Dean and I . We would have been FREAKING. I also think it's pretty funny that we know two couples named Robin and Jeff, albeit with a slightly different spelling, and that each of them has a kid with the same name as the other couple.)

Speaking of friends, I've written previously about how The Dean and I have a circle of friends that we've been connected to since elementary school. These friendships have survived several long-distance moves initiated by several of us, but we always seem to stay connected. It seems as if the Obamas are similar in that way, and the commitment of their friends to still stay a part of their lives is admirable, (although who wouldn't want to make an effort to maintain a friendship if one of those friends was the POTUS?)

A snippet from an obit from today's Philadelphia Inquirer: (name of deceased), age 81, died Dec. 18, 2008; the roofer from Germantown, Wyncote and Ft. Washington. No viewing, no funeral, no kidding.

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