Thursday, December 18, 2008

Comma Commentary

"Hey, Mommy," Betty said this evening, while reading The World's Best Fairy Tales.


"This sentence is missing a comma. There should be a comma here," she said, pointing to a page.

Stunned, I looked at her. She's a first grader. Who knew that today's 7 year olds even know what a comma is? (And might I add how damn glad I am that they do!)

I looked at the story, "Jorinda and Joringel." (Who the hell are they? World's Best Fairy Tales, yeah right. Has anyone ever even heard of this fairy tale?)

Once upon a time there was a castle in the middle of a deep forest where an old woman lived quite alone, for she was an enchantress. In the daytime she changed herself into a cat or an owl, but in the evening she became an ordinary woman again. She was able to entice animals and birds to come to her castle, and then she would kill and cook them.

(Yes, this is what I - Mother of the Year - allow my 7 year old to check out from the library.)

"See?" Betty said. "There should be a comma after daytime."

Well, how about that. I asked her why she thought a comma should be there, and she couldn't provide a reason. It just should.

And you know, I tend to agree.

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DemMom said...

I'm so bad about commas! Either too many or not enough! Maybe I should call Betty for help!