Sunday, December 21, 2008

Egg on My Facebook


I stand corrected. After complaining just a week or so ago about how Facebook is something that only teenagers should be doing, I've done an about face and signed myself up. I justified it by telling myself that I need to be a little more savvy with this new social networking because of my job (and that is partially true).

I am fairly certain that I am the last person in the world to join Facebook. And dare I say ... I'm almost wondering what took me so long. This is a bit too much fun. Not to mention addictive. (I should be in bed. It's 11:40 p.m.)

The very second that I logged onto Facebook, I had two Friend requests. What the ... I thought. And they were from two legitimate people, one person who reads this blog faithfully (thank you, gail elle) and another who is a former coworker. I befriended them both, and went to look up who among my high school class is on here. There's 66 of us (out of something like 200 people)! And then I went trolling for other people ... and found someone who I've been known to use as a professional reference, a recruiter who I've been in recent contact for a job that I didn't get, and a bunch of relatives who would be the last people I'd have imagined to be on there.

I may never log off my computer again.


DemMom said...

Then there's me. I'm really the last person not to do it. Although, for the same professional reasons, I probably should. I am mostly worried about the addictive part of it. I spend so much time reading blogs, do I really need another "time suck?" Also, I do worry that Facebook will get us in trouble some day. That potential employers will accidently be allowed to see our friends' photos of us beer bonging at 18, or some such silliness!

Robin said...

Well, I would friend you, but I don't know your name! I'm Robin Elton and I have less friends, apparently, than anyone else on Facebook. (And with that ringing endorsement, I'm so sure you'll want to friend me now!)