Friday, December 19, 2008

I Am Not a Crook, Says Tricky Boo

The passing yesterday of W. Mark Felt, the anonymous source known as Deep Throat in the Watergate scandal, prompted me to share this revelation that The Dean and I learned at Betty's parent-teacher conference.

As a way to learn about the concept of snail mail, the kids' school has instituted a post office. Kids can write letters to one another, parents can write notes to kids ... it's all very cute.

Being the admirer of Richard Nixon that he is, Boo has learned to use this system to his benefit.

Betty and Boo are in separate classrooms. Our choice, and that's how it's been since preschool. (The same-classroom ended when we learned that Boo would go up to Betty at naptime and literally pry open her eyes as she slept.)

Lately, Betty has been having some behavioral issues in the classroom. At the dinner table, Boo has been reporting that John (a classmate of Betty's) informed him that Betty's behavior was not very good. We couldn't figure out how Boo knew this. I had visions of Boo and John meeting secretly in the hallway, exhanging information on the playground, conferring on the bus.

Enter the postal service.

It seems that Boo has been using the school post office system to write to John to get daily reports on his sister's behavior.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, how funny. That Boo is always thinking!
He will always keep you on your toes!