Sunday, December 7, 2008

Is This FurReal?

Dear Santa,

I want a Fur Real S'mores Pony. I hope that you can fit it on your sled.

We will put her in the basement.

Love, Betty

* * * *

Dear Santa,

This is Betty's Mommy.

Under no circumstances is that FurReal S'Mores Pony to come into this house. I'm not sure what your wholesale costs are for the elves to make this pony, but you should know it retails for $199 at Target. Given the state of the U.S. economy these days, I find that beyond ridiculous. To put this in perspective, our family of four eats for a week on less than that.

I realize that Betty makes a convincing argument to you that the FurReal S'mores Pony can be kept in our basement for her to ride. (Yes, I said ride, because as you undoubtedly know, the attraction of the FurReal S'mores Pony is that she is "OVER 3 FEET TALL!!") So, I know it will be difficult for you not to grant my Betty's Christmas wish for the FurReal S'mores Pony. Try to restrain yourself.

Should Betty ask you for this, might I suggest that you kindly tell her that several of your reindeer are getting up there in years and are tiring of your demands that they fly around the world in one night, so Mr. S'mores would have a much better life as a replacement for the likes of Donner, Blitzen, et. al. If you happen to be privvy to Betty's conversations with any other family members who might be compelled to purchase this fine equine for her, please disabuse them of such a notion.

We have it on good authority that we might be running into you this weekend. I appreciate your attention to this matter.

All best,

Betty and Boo's Mommy


I'm just me... said...

My little Tink has asked for Smores also. Along with every other toy she has seen advertised. She is now asking for girls toys, boys toys and baby toys. Those sneaky advertisers really know how to get to the kiddies don't they?! Sadly for Tink, Smores won't be living at our house either. I think it may be cheaper to buy a real pony!

Betty and Boo's Mommy said...

I'm with you. I'd rather put the $199 towards horseback riding lessons. (Not that I foresee those happening either, but really ... )

Gershwoman said...

My little ones want the FurReal Biscuit the puppy dog that responds to 6 commands. I keep telling them they already have it -her name is Dixie and she responds to 7 commands (sit, stay, lay, come, paw, rollover, and BANG!) plus lots more! In addition, you can feed her real food and treats, and take her for real walks, and she'll give you kisses and love. The girls are not buying it!

Betty and Boo's Mommy said...

That's all Betty needs to hear (or see) ... the fact that there is also a Fur Real Biscuit puppy available. Hopefully the girls will not share that information with Betty, as the Biscuit Puppy is just what we need to make the Betty & Boo zoo complete.

Robin said...

Cassie also wants this. And the Biscuit puppy. And I have refrained from passing that on to the in-laws! We don't have room for the stuff she has!