Sunday, December 14, 2008

Make Your Own Gift Boxes From Old Greeting Cards!

At church today, Betty and Boo made the cutest thing ever in their RE (religious education) class. It's a small gift box made from an old greeting card, and it is so stinkin' easy.

Take an old holiday greeting card.

Open the card and cut it on the center fold. Make an X on the left panel.

Fold the top portion of the card panel halfway to the center. Do the same with the bottom portion of the card panel.

Cut notches in the four quadrants, as shown below.

Fold the left and right sides into the card. Tape the tabs to form an open box.

Turn it over. You've made the top of your gift box!

Repeat the same with the other panel of the card.
This will become the bottom part of your gift box.

Fold the top and botton portions of the card, cut the notches in the corners,
fold the sides, and tape the tabs.

Fit the top and bottom together. You might need to trim the sides a bit.

Voila! A cute little gift box. You could put tissue paper down in the inside to cover up the greeting. This is the perfect sized box for a gift card or a piece of jewelry or something small.


Stefanie said...

I'm craft challenged. Badly. Your kids are already kicking my butt.

Anonymous said...

very cute!