Monday, December 15, 2008

Some Children's Book Reviews (Plus, A Review From Boo)

The kids and I recently read four very good children's books from the library. Here they are, with their descriptions. in case you are buying books for the holidays and need some ideas.
As my gift to you, my dear Betty and Boo Chronicle readers, Boo himself reviews the first one, Too Many Toys by David Shannon.
i thouth that the funnyist part was that spencer`s trumpet had that art supplies in it. and his mother said `` WHAT ARE YOU A LOWER?!"

Kindly allow The Mommy to translate. This is an adorable book, one that had us in hysterics. Like many children, including the two who live in this house, Spencer has too many toys. They're everywhere, including in his trumpet. ("The funnyist part," according to Boo.) Spencer negotiates with his mother on which toys should be given away, at which point his mother, exasperated, says, "What are you, a lawyer?" For whatever reason, this line brought down the house ... to which afterwards Boo asked, "What's a lawyer?" Spencer succeeds in cleaning up his toys ... and parents everywhere will surely relate to what is Spencer's favorite toy of all.

Pumpkin Soup, by Helen Cooper

Boo's review: i thouth of pumkin soup is that the funnyist part of pumkin soup was SPITING ALL OVER THE PLACE! the very sad part was, the cat and the squirell were crying the 2 said `` it was our fault we should have let duck stir the pumkin soup."

Sad to say, my son is into gross humor these days. His favorite words seem to be "underwear," "butt," and "eyeball." Anything that is remotely rude or disgusting elicts guffaws galore from Boo. There's a scene in Pumpkin Soup where the animals make the soup, but it doesn't turn out quite right ... hence, the SPITTING ALL OVER THE PLACE! The highlight of the book.

Mommy thought this was a very cute book about Cat, Squirrel, and Duck. They're hanging out, playing music on their respective instruments. The trio also enjoys cooking, particularly their specialty, Pumpkin Soup. Each member of the group has their own role in preparing the soup. But, according to Publishers' Weekly, "one day, Duck decides to be the stirrer instead of the salt pourer, and an all-out battle ensues. Here the warm golden glow that has permeated their dwelling turns an angry orange-red with paws, wings and "@#$!"s flying. After Duck waddles off in a huff, the remaining pair heads out to hunt for him to no avail. In a charming time-lapse sequence, vignettes of Cat and Squirrel moping on the steps of their house form an arc along the side of a spread."

Dejected but determined, Cat and Squirrel resume their cooking, but the soup just isn't the same without Duck. (It's salty, necessitating it to be spit out.) Thankfully, Duck returns safe and sound. More soup is made. The result is a story about how to resolve and overcome the differences among friends when a squabble occurs. Ages 4-8.

The Very Smart Pea and the Princess-to-Be, by Mimi Grey. Betty picked this out from the library because - you guessed it - the word princess was in the title. Rather than a standard retelling of the fairy tale "The Princess and the Pea," this is that story told from the pea's point of view. This cute book is an example of how to look at the same story from a different perspective. The pea exhibits creativity and ingenuity in his (her?) quest.

You're On Your Way, Teddy Roosevelt is the story about the childhood of America's 26th President of the United States. As a child, Teddy (who was called "Teedie") suffered from debilitating asthma. Sports were difficult for him, but he was determined to get stronger. This is a story about never quitting or giving up and becoming the best person you can become. Judith St. George's previous book So You Want to Be President is equally as charming. Combined with this, she is well on her way to becoming one of the best presidential biographers for children. For kids in grades 2 - 4.


Casdok said...

Some great books, love the idea of a story told from the pea's point of view!

Betty and Boo's Mommy said...

Thanks, Casdok ... and thanks for stopping by my blog. Welcome!

Anonymous said...

You are such a fun Mommy!
Susan M

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Aww, that's so sweet, Susan M.! And if you're the Susan M. who I think you are, you're a pretty fun Mommy yourself! :)