Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sweet Caroline

I was going to save this for inclusion in my Best of the Week roundup, but my guess is that Caroline Kennedy might become the newest Kennedy in the Senate by then, so it won't matter.

I discovered a new site, Women on the Web, which has this article ("Move Over, Caroline") profiling six women who have more experience and qualifications to fill Hillary Clinton's Senate seat than Caroline Kennedy.

Now, I like Caroline Kennedy. And God knows I liked - and am still in mourning for - her brother John-John. But as others more intelligent than I have commented, what exactly does Ms. Kennedy do for a living that qualifies her as Senatorial material above and beyond being a member of the Lucky Sperm Club? Yes, I know she was on Obama's VP search selection committee and that she is engaged in all sorts of charitable endeavors. All fine resume fodder.

I don't live in New York, nor have I ever, so I don't have a dog in this fight. And we could certainly do much, much, much worse than selecting Caroline Kennedy as New York's next Senator and most likely Ms. Kennedy would perform superbly in that role and make America proud.

But the six women profiled in the Women on the Web article are due at least the courtesy of being considered for what they might bring to the table - aside from a non-household name - as New York's next Senator.

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