Monday, December 1, 2008

This Thing Of Ours

I'm sitting here at my laptop screen, gazing in disbelief.

One of my blogger friends has died.

I've only been at this blogging thing since August, but as another blogger friend has said, I feel like I have made more online friends in the last three and a half months than ... well, I don't know when. As an adult, making friends doesn't come easy and when it happens at all, it's usually through work or some activity that the children are involved in. It's somewhat forced, somewhat superficial, and at least in my experience, not like childhood friendships.

But the blogosphere is different. It's a community of people with like-minded interests and who genuinely take an interest in one another's lives. Otherwise, we wouldn't be reading and commenting and borrowing each others widgets and buttons and linking up with one another.

I don't claim to have known Dewey well, but I knew her writing through her blog, The Hidden Side of a Leaf, and her book selections were good ones. I like to think that I would have gotten to know her more.

As anonymous as we bloggers like to be with our pseudonyms for ourselves and our children and partners, Dewey reminds us that for every nom-de-blogger there is a real person, with real issues and real feelings.

I will miss getting to know you, Dewey, but I'm glad you're no longer in any pain. Rest in peace, and my sincere condolences to your family and friends.

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Anonymous said...

Oh that is too bad. :( I am sure blogging gave her an outlet and distraction, and you touched her life.