Saturday, December 27, 2008

Ye Shall Receive and Read

We received a sleighload of books under our tree this Christmas. Here are just a few of the great reads awaiting us.

For me: I'm very privileged to call author Beth Kephart a blogging friend, so I was thrilled to find House of Dance, Undercover, and Seeing Past Z: Nurturing the Imagination in a Fast-Forward World underneath the tree. They were presents from Betty and Boo, chosen with assistance from The Dean (after providing him with a list of suggested gift items). I think I am going to read them in the order pictured here, as House of Dance is the newest release. Before reading Seeing Past Z, I think I'll read Beth's memoir A Slant of Sun.

On occasion, I have to take a reading and blogging break to actually make something edible for my family, so these cookbooks below were ones that were on my wish list. Not Your Mother's Slow Cooker Cookbook was also a present from Betty and Boo (not that they will actually eat anything that I make from this) via The Dean. I'd had this out from the library and only had a chance to make one recipe (Hot German Potato Salad). Tonight I will be making Lucky Chili for a get-together with friends tomorrow.

Mediterreanean Fresh was also a library book and because I am trying to adhere to a Mediterranean diet lately, I thought many of the recipes sounded good.

And finally, I don't need to covet my mother's Christmas gift any longer because, faithful blog reader of mine that she is, she bought me my own copy of the New England Soup Factory Cookbook, as well as all the spices that I've indicated that I didn't have in previous posts!

For The Dean: He mostly reads biographies or autobigraphies, and mostly of presidents. For awhile, he would dip into a Stephen King novel, but that's faded. He doesn't read fiction or much other nonfiction. Jon Meacham's American Lion is getting some nice buzz, so hopefully he will enjoy this. He received this from my mom and C., at my suggestion after hearing the author interviewed on my favorite morning talk radio show.

For Boo: Like his father, Boo is also very interested in the presidents and knows more about them than most grown-ups. He received these books for Christmas.

For Betty: She's just getting into the American Girl series of books, which I am very pleased about. And, I am thrilled that she got Free to Be ... You and Me, which I'd gotten when I was 6 and which I continue to love to this day. All the original songs ("Free to Be ...", "Glad to Have a Friend Like You," "It's All Right to Cry" etc. are included, as are the stories "Boy Meets Girl" - which Boo adores - "The Pain and The Great One," "Ladies First," etc.) The lyrics and melodies came back to me instantaneously as I browsed through this on Christmas, and the kids and I are having a great time reading this at snack time. I'm loving how much they're loving this. Both kids also received Barnes & Noble gift cards, too. Since they can't drive yet, that means a trip to B&N for me, too.

All in all, some great books to read during the holidays and to start the New Year off with!

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