Monday, January 19, 2009

Couched in Laziness

I've worn a spot in the couch this long holiday weekend as a result of my laziness. And you know what? I'm rather proud of this worn spot, thankyouverymuch.

Aside from going to the library and Wal-Mart on Saturday, I've barely moved. I've been in the same position with either my laptop or my book in hand. I made dinner for the family both evenings and snacks for the kids. I've gone upstairs to bed. But not much else has transpired.

And it's been pretty nice, because this usually doesn't happen. I'm usually running around doing errands or chores around the house, but this long weekend I've just been chilling out. Maybe it's the chilly weather that has kept me housebound and by the fire reading, blog jogging, writing an article for Root & Sprout that they are actually paying me for, updating my Facebook status more often than I care to admit, watching "Big Love" last night and every episode of "Hannah Montana" in existence.

Lest you think that our children were neglected by what passes for a weekend of midlife debauchery in this house, they weren't. My mother-in-law visited this weekend and spent almost every waking hour with her grandchildren, playing games, listening to their stories, concertizing on the synthesizer and taking Betty to Girl Scouts.

I'm rather liking this hibernation state, this curling up within myself, this time of reflection. Sometimes, we do indeed get what we need.

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