Monday, January 12, 2009

Why Parents Have Only Half a Brain

Boo and I chat for a few minutes every evening before he drifts off to sleep. He selects a topic for brief discussion, usually something along the lines of, "Who's your favorite Beatle?" or "What's your favorite Beatles song?" Tonight was different.

"How did you and Daddy create me?"

"How did we create you?" I said, stalling for time and remembering the mantra "age-appropriate answers, age-appropriate answers."


"Well ....we took part of Daddy and part of me and then we got you."

(I know, not all that accurate and not too detailed, but The Dean was not available for this conversation which I certainly didn't want him to miss out on. Lest people judge me for being derelict in my parental duties by not explaining the birds and the bees in more accurate high-definition color, Betty and Boo have brought up this topic before and are as familiar as 7 year olds need to be with such matters.)

Boo: "You mean ... you took half your brain, and Daddy took half his brain, and then you got me?"

"Something like that."

Boo: "So you both only have half your brains?"

Damn, the kid figured us out. Next comes the realization that he has a twin sister - who must have gotten the other portion of our cerebellums - followed by the revelation that Mommy and Daddy are truly as clueless about this parenting gig as they seem.


Niksmom said...

Oh, well, that explains why we stopped after Nik was born! He keeps us on our toes so much we NEED those half-brains! This one had me ROFLMAO!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this!!! I'm sure having a child with autism isn't easy, but it can sure be comical at times!


kristenspina said...

Ha! I love this...and yes, what is the proper response?! So far, I have simply dodged and ducked.