Sunday, February 22, 2009

Best of the Week: February 15-22, 2009

I'll start this "Best of ... " with a mea culpa. I'd promised The Dean's best friend since their first day of kindergarten in 1975 that I would include his article from the South Florida Sun-Sentinel about cookie king Wally Amos (you know him as "Famous Amos") among my "Best of ..." posts. That was last week. It's still a great, heartwarming story, one that I would have likely included here even if the reporter wasn't the best man in my wedding.

No sooner did I finish writing my acceptance post for receiving the Honest Blog award when this post from the Freakonomics blog (based on the fabulous book of the same name) caught my eye. lists the Top 25 Blogs and the five most over-rated blogs. (Sadly, The Betty and Boo Chronicles didn't make the first list; happily, The Betty and Boo Chronicles didn't make the latter, either.) Which of these blogs do you read? I read a few: Confessions of a Pioneer Woman and The Huffington Post, to name just two.

Faithful readers of this blog will (maybe) remember my post about Wing Bowl, the Wingettes and the hot-sauce stain it leaves on the City of Brotherly Love every January when more than 20,000 yahoos descend on piles of chicken wings for a glutton-filled gorge-a-thon. The organizers redeemed themselves a little bit this week when they gave $20,000 (representing the proceeds from Wing Bowl) to the Fraternal Order of Police Survivors Fund. Within the past 16 months, six Philadelphia police officers have been killed in the line of duty, the most recent being last week when 25-year old officer and expectant father John Pawlowski lost his life after being shot by some low-life.

Now Facebook is being blamed for the same behavior that the Internet and email has been blamed for since their incarnation.

Simple Mom has a great post about the importance of musical education for kids.

There are two other items that I read this week, but they are the basis for two blog posts later this week.

Have a good one!

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DemMom said...

I read Dooce, have read Lifehacker, Huffington Post (of course).