Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Best of the Week - February 2-7

I'm slightly behind on this week's Best Of post, and definitely more behind than I'd like to be with my blog reading. I'm pre-scheduling this one to publish on Tuesday, because I will have the good fortune to be attending a talk by author Beth Kephart that evening. I can't wait to tell you all about what is bound to be a wonderful event. Till then, here are some items of note that you might find to be of interest.

This has been a week tinged with sadness and uncertainty. Beth Kephart captures, as she so eloquently does, exactly how I am feeling this week in her post, Up to Us. I'm very much looking forward to meeting Beth in person next Tuesday.

For you Pennsylvania residents, this post by The Dean about Governor Rendell's proposed plan to bail out Philadelphia Media Holdings, owners of The Philadelphia Inquirer and the Daily News, just might leave you speechless.

Just what motorists need: Google and Amazon are planning to have more books available on our cell phones.

Is there anyone who hasn't done the "25 Things ..." Facebook meme? As this article from Time.com states, maybe there are some things that our Friends are better off not knowing about us.

I am so grateful to MOM-NOS (whose blog is truly among the best of the best) for mentioning me in her post. I'm humbled that you would mention my blog as one that you rely on for book recommendations. So many other book bloggers are more prolific and certainly more speedy in their reading than me, but wow ... I was completely surprised and flattered by that. Thank you.

And thank all of you for continuing to be here. I am so grateful to be in such wonderful company.

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Niksmom said...

I'm not surprised at all that Mom-NOS mentioned you; she has discriminating taste! ;-)

Ok, my word ver is "nodbra." Is that lingerie that keeps "the girls" from bobbing too much? Would love to hear THAT word defined on Wait, Wait Don't tell me! LOL