Sunday, February 8, 2009

Counting the Days

Beach at Undisclosed Location, our family's vacation spot, June 2008

We stepped out this morning for church and greeted temperatures in the 60s. Driving to church,I was rather tempted to skip the exit and head right on down to the beach. (Should we be so lucky to get another spring day in the middle of this month, I plan on doing exactly that.) It was only me and Betty, and I'm guessing she wouldn't have minded, as she seemed to have read my mind.

"In June we're going to Aunt E.'s beach house, right?" she inquired.

For the last few years, we've spent Father's Day weekend - which also usually coincides with The Dean and my anniversary - down the shore at my aunt and uncle's Undisclosed Location beach house. They graciously lend it to us, as they've done for the last few years on that weekend (among other times) and we're always very grateful.

"I think so," I said. "If no one else is there and if she lets us have the house again, then we will probably go, yes."

"Aunt E. is quite a woman!" Betty proclaimed, loud enough for the other church-goers who were walking up the path with us to hear.

In addition to being quite a woman (which she is), Aunt E. is also quite the regular reader of this blog. So, Aunt E., if the house is still available, put us down for our normal stay.

Looks like more than one of us is counting the days.


DemMom said...

Bug's been talking about the beach lately too. Must be the spring like weather (that will probably turn to slushy ice by the end of the week).

Meg said...

I agree w/ Betty's assessment of Aunt E. being "quite a woman"; however, E. is my mom, so perhaps I'm not as objective as one should be on this matter :)