Sunday, February 15, 2009

Six Months

When you're dating, the six month anniversary is a big deal.

Wait - scratch that. What I should have said was this: from what I remember dating to be like ("Dating is Dead," 12/16/08), the six month anniversary was a big deal. Maybe not so anymore.

Regardless, today marks the six month anniversary of the launch of this here blog. I know in the blogosphere (a word I'm not crazy about) the one year "blogiversary" (a word I really am not crazy about) is celebrated moreso, for good reason.

But allow me to take the occasion of six months of blogging to say that this has been - and continues to be - a most enjoyable ride. I thought I would like doing this, but the reality is that I love it and somehow, it has become an essential part of my day.

So thank you. Whether you've been reading all 228 published entries since my first post six months ago ("It's About Time," 8/15/08) or just arrived here a second ago, whether you're one of my relatives or someone halfway around the world whom I've never met. I'm beyond flattered that you're interested in whatever it is that I have to say, be it my thoughts on books or indulging my kids' quotes and guest posts, or my soapbox stands on current events. I'm grateful and humbled that you care enough to read along and to possibly come back for more.


kristenspina said...

Happy Six Months!!

Niksmom said...

Just wait; the second six months go even faster —just like with kids! ;-)

Congratulations. I hope The Dean got you something special to mark the occasion. :-)

Florinda said...

I know what you mean. Six months is a big deal. A year is a big deal. At two years, I think you're officially a veteran (but I'll let you know next month when I make it that far). Post milestones (100, 250, 500...I mark every 100 now) are a big deal.

Congratulations on your first six months of this addictive enterprise! I'm glad to have found your blog and look forward to seeing where you go next.

Betty and Boo's Mommy said...

Thank you, everyone!

Em said...

Happy 6 months! Watch out...this blogging thing is addictive. :)