Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentine's Day Giveaway: Matrimony by Josh Henkin

Yes, it's my very first giveaway! In the spirit of Valentine's Day, I am pleased to offer you, my dear readers, a copy of Matrimony by Josh Henkin.
True confession time: I'm still reading this myself, so I don't have a review yet. However, I will say that it's proving to be a good read and one that is taking me back to my college days. Josh Henkin captures those collegiate years pretty well.
I'll have more to say about Matrimony once I'm finished, but for now it's your turn. Leave a Comment if you'd like to be entered. Deadline is Sunday, Feb. 15.


Beth Kephart said...

I loved meeting you last evening — your generosity is enormous.

I'll be interested in hearing what you think about Matrimony, when you are finished with it. I read it for review...Don't enter me in your contest but do keep us all posted.

DemMom said...

Matrimony is on my "To Read" list. I just never actually have a chance to find it at the library, because there are these two little girls who are always following me around, one picking up everything with a princess on it and the other randomly pulling things off the shelves and running behind the circulation desk! Whew. Would love to win a copy. I will promise to pass it on to someone else after I read it, "pay it forward!"

I'm just me... said...

I need a good read. Please enter me in your contest.