Sunday, March 1, 2009

Best of the Week: February 22-March 1

Egghead23 has a great post that makes several very good points about the movies.

Unclutterer discusses the usefulness of having a "never again" list. As well as whether cookbooks are a thing of the past - or soon to be.

And here's a great discussion about magical realism, a genre of literature that is intriging to me. Or shall I say magic realism?

I have had about ALL I CAN FREAKIN' STAND of Sarah "the media was so unfair to me during the campaign" Palin. This woman needs to quit her goddamn bitching about the media every single day and go get herself a life. This woman is whining more than her kid or her grandkid ever will. My Lord, just shut the hell up already. You! Lost! The!Election! (And my word, are we not thanking our lucky stars for that, hmmm?) Be a grown up, deal with it, move on. Now. (I am sure that I am the governor's next target for those in the blogosphere perpetuating this terrible smear campaign about her. All I can say is baby, bring it on ... )

Mom-101 has a great post, "And with that, the mom-blog world subdivides once again."

Have a great week!


Robin said...

You know, it's crazy. I was seriously going to email you today and ask for a link to Egghead's blog, my feed hasn't been updating. So, thanks for reading my mind!

As for magical realism: probably my favorite genre. I love the latin american stories as a whole; their prose is so lush that the magic seems integral to the story. But the magical realists I hold dear are Gogol (how I love Gogol) and Kafka- although I'm not sure Kafka is traditionally put into that genre. Haruki Murakami- hmm, he may be pushing into the realm of fantasy, I don't know.

I don't even consider magical realism to be a subcategory of children's literature, although it makes sense when I read the argument. To my mind, all of childhood is magical realism; a collective state of mind where life is imbued with wonder and whimsy. To a child anything can happen, and often does, because there is no reason for it not to; that's not magic, just the beauty of an open heart.

Betty and Boo's Mommy said...

Robin, I love your last sentence. That captures exactly what I am thinking - and observing - in my own kids this morning, on this snow day, and their innocence in believing that they have a snow dsy because they wore their PJs inside out. :)