Saturday, March 14, 2009

Best of the Week: March 8-14

I wrote about Charlie Balasavage earlier this week (and I'm also pleased to say that my same post published on BlogHer attracted over 60 views, which is a lot for little ol' me). The Philadelphia Inquirer follows up today with this article reporting that the state Supreme Court appointed a special judge to review more than 2,500 cases heard by Judge Mark Ciavarella, the same individual who sentenced 16-year old Charlie Balasavage to three years - and counting, 'cause he's still there - in a secure juvenile detention center for unintentionally purchasing a stolen scooter for $60. It's not certain whether Charlie's case is among those under review; if it is, it could result in a new trial (what a waste of taxpayer dollars), an overturned conviction or expungement.

I think Leonard Pitts, Jr. of The Miami Herald is one of the best newspaper columnists ever. I love his writing and have clipped many of his columns over the years. This one, A Letter to Rihanna: Time to Save Yourself is great. (It's the comments by some of the readers at the end that are incredibly sad.)

Girl with Pen has a lovely tribute to her cat, Amelia Bedelia, who recently passed away.

I still can't get the hang of embedding videos, but this is so well worth the trip over to The Family Room to view this video of a high school speech. It's nearly 10 minutes long, but time worth spent. As Susan says on her post, check this out and then show it to anyone who still thinks the word "retard" is funny. This kid's bravery is incredible.

Thanks to a bankruptcy judge in Delaware, a 9-year old girl in Texas is reunited with a beloved doll. The doll needed a visit to the doll hospital, a prospect that frightened Renee Hearne because her own father had recently passed away from cancer. Understandably so, Renee was reluctant to send her doll away to the doll hospital. Her mother reassured her that all would be fine ... until, the hospital became the victim of the economy, filed for bankruptcy, and Renee's doll became part of the legal mess.

Speaking of dolls, Jess at diary of a mom has this wonderful post about how compassionate one waitress was at the American Girl bistro upon learning of her daughter's sensory challenges.

That's all for this week ... have a good one!


Anonymous said...

I'm in tears after listening to the "high school speech"...oh my gosh, I LOVE that kid, he is so-o awesome!!


Beth Kephart said...

Hey, thanks for your note just now about Spring Lake (in the end, we did drive through; it's lovely) and for keeping us all honest through your blog reporting.