Saturday, March 21, 2009

Celebrating Boo

Boo's a whirling dervish this morning - dancing, singing slightly off-key with improvised lyrics, leaping from sofa to sofa. Occasionally he pauses to produce a drawing of a long deceased family member (Bubby Rose, his great-great grandmother) and those in his life now (grandparents, The Dean, and Ms. Marilyn the Bus Driver).

He's smiling the largest of smiles as he celebrates being Boo. He's joyful, exuberant, complimenting his sister (??!!!) and offering an impromptu heartfelt "I love you" to me while in the same breath he confesses he wishes I didn't smell like coffee.

I'm wishing I could somehow capture this moment of sky-high self-esteem, of self-acceptance, of self-love, because I know how very much it will be needed - for all of us - in the moments to come (because this all has the potential to go "poof!" and evaporate with a sibling squabble or hurled "You're a stupid brother!"). I know how much this moment will be needed in the days and years to come from classmates and teachers who won't understand or see his gifts, who will refer to him with derogatory words beginning with r, and ---

(It is over as I type this sentence, but still I refuse to hit delete on this post, trying so hard to stay within his moments with him.)

He is calso chronicling this moment, capturing it by authoring a book "All About Me" (he's up to chapter 5 so far this morning, at 9:06 a.m.).

Chapter 1
Who am I? My name is Boo. I am a Boy. I am 7 years old. I was born on _____ .
This is who I look like.
My favrote food is macaroni and cheese.
My favrote show is Hannah Montana.
My favrote sport is basketball.
My favrote color is blue.
Here is a picher of my favrote color.
This is what I love about me:
My mom. My dad. My sister. My grandparents. My great-grandmom. My great-great-grandmom. Here is a picher of my dad.

Chapter 2
What is my foods?
My favrote food is macaroni and cheese. I love it because it's creamy and it's just good.
Whenever I meet my Mom-Mom, she calls it mac and cheese.
The best part of macoroni and cheese is the macoroni.
It looks great to have the macoroni in the macoroni and cheese.
You should buy macoroni and cheese at Wal-Mart.
Eat it.
It's gonna be really good for you.

I can't wait to read the next chapters.


Niksmom said...

Oh, this made me choke up. How exquisite for both of you. ANd how wonderful that you captured these moments, the flashes of brilliant, sparkling Boo to share with us.

Nice way to start my Saturday. :-)

bermudaonion said...

It's too bad the whole world can't appreciate everyone for their gifts. I say that because I truly believe everyone has a gift of some kind.

Betty and Boo's Mommy said...

Thank you, Niksmom and bermudaonion, for such kind words.