Sunday, March 15, 2009

Library Loot: March 15

Library Loot is a weekly event co-hosted by Robin from A Striped Armchair and Alessandra from Out of the Blue that encourages bloggers to share the books they’ve checked out from the library. Feel free to play along on your blog, too.

I'm getting confused on when the Library Loot week begins and ends, so I decided that I'm going to participate in LL whenever I go to the library. After all, the more loot the better, right?

I was more restrained this visit than most of my recent forays to the library have been. Maybe it's symptomatic of this long, gray winter, but I have really gotten myself in a rut regarding cooking. Making dinner for our little family of four is a major challenge. The Dean and I are vegetarian, however I am straying a bit into the flexitarian category as I eat fish and occasionally, some chicken. The Dean would prefer to eat Italian-type of foods all the time; pizza, ravioli, manicotti, ziti, lasagna ... bring it on. I try to eat more healthier, often having a salad with dinner or some generous helping of vegetables. Boo has his preferences, but he's usually game to try almost anything - and he generally likes most of what is offered. Betty ... well, Betty is very, very, very picky. She eats hummus, tortilla chips, macaroni and cheese, hot dogs (on occasion), plain pasta with parmesan cheese, peas, chicken (only white meat and no brown spots - i.e., grill marks - whatsoever) baked goods, and sweets in any form. That's basically it.

So, with these caveats and this feeling of being in a funk related to cooking (and a lot of other things, actually), I found myself browsing through the cookbooks at the library and came home with these goodies.

I'm hoping to have a recipe from Betty Crocker Easy Everyday Vegetarian as a post sometime in the next few days, as there are quite a few of them that look great. Deborah Madison is one of my favorite cookbook authors (her Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone is one that I turn to often) and even though we're hopefully moving past soup weather, there are some soups that are apropos for the cool days of spring. And since we're big pasta fans (who isn't?), I thought that Giada DeLaurentis' Everyday Pasta might have some new variations for us.

I also came across Jennifer Graf Groneberg's book Road Map to Holland, and am looking forward to reading it because of having recently discovered her blog.

What goodies did you get from the library this week?

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