Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Press Conference Commentary from Betty and Boo

I wish I could take a picture of this ... Betty and Boo are sitting next to me, glued to President Obama's press conference. I mean, these kids are hanging on every word. I have never seen these kids so quiet in my entire life.

Betty, on listening to the CNN anchors tell us what Obama will say:
"What does "push-back" mean?"

Betty, on watching Obama walk on the red carpet:
"Whoa, that's a long walk."

Boo, on the press room set-up:
"That's like a theater."

Betty, on the press room set-up:
"Oh, that's where he does his announcements?"

Betty, on our landline phone ringing in the middle of this:
"Uh, huh-looooooo, we're trying to watch something here!"

Betty, on the financial recovery:
"So he doesn't know whether it will happen or not?"

Stay tuned ....

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