Thursday, March 12, 2009

When Life Imitates a Children's Book ... or Vice Versa

Every night I read a book to Betty and Boo while they eat their evening snack. Recently, they've been learning in school about the difference between fiction and nonfiction - which will prompt Boo to ask me which category the book I've selected for that evening's read falls into.

The "is-it-fiction-or-is-it-nonfiction" question was an easy one on the night we read this absolutely delightful, and enjoyable book, The House Takes a Vacation by Jacqueline Davies.

It's about a house whose owners head off to the beach. The house then decides that it, too, might like a vacation ... but the various parts of the home can't quite agree on where to go. The windows want to visit another dwelling down the street but the roof protests. "Dudes," said the roof. "there's no way I'm spending my vacation with the stuccoed-up houses in this neighborhood." The chimney is content to stay put, claiming that "travel is a pain in the bricks." The basement agrees, and the roof chastises the basement for being a "stick in the mud." Eventually, the house makes it to the beach (note the destination of choice for its residents) and has a few adventures along the way, arriving home fairly intact but in need of some TLC.

So, fiction or nonfiction? This one is fiction, you tell Boo. Absolutely.

You sure about that? Because that's what I thought, too ... until I read this article from the New York Times and saw this AP picture from Newsday.

The house was recently sold (for $1.00!) to a couple who is paying at least $100,000 to move the Robert Venturi-designed 1,500 house by barge from Barnagat Light, NJ to Glen Cove, NY, where they will use it as a guest house on their existing property. (Not too shabby for a guest house, hmm?) It's en route as I type and is expected to arrive in New York sometime tomorrow morning.

So, back to The House Takes a Vacation, which is a very fun book and a new favorite of Betty and Boo's. Fiction or nonfiction?

Kind of a stumper, isn't it?

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Niksmom said...

*sigh* Beach. *sigh* VACATION!?!? In my life both involve total fiction these days. ;-)