Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Best of Last Week

Once again, I am belatedly giving you my Best of the Week roundup. This was supposed to be from April 5-12 and I'd planned to post this last night but got caught up in writing about Harry Kalas and catching up on the last few episodes of "Big Love." (I don't know how I lived without On Demand.)

So, here's the Best of Last Week. (Maybe that's what I need to call this from now on.)

Paul Collins, author of Not Even Wrong and father of Morgan, has a great article in Cookie Magazine about including a child with autism in birthday parties.

The Autism Society of America has some incredible artwork here. (I love greeting cards, so it is very tempting to order myself some from every masterpiece that has that option.)

Fleecy, author of the blog "Bleating in the Fields" (where I saw the autism artwork mentioned above), has a very thought-provoking post about the stimming, vocalizations, etc. that can be common characteristics of people on the spectrum. Boo does a lot of singing and verbal vocalizations - I mean, a lot - and this perspective is a good one for me to keep in mind.

An interesting article ("A New Chapter of Grief in a Sad Literary Legacy") from the New York Times on Saturday about the life of Nicholas Hughes, son of Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath.

Love this post ("Dear Family, I am inhabiting an alternate universe ...") from blog like no one is reading.

As well as this post focusing on the positives (and to stop comparing ourselves to other mothers) from Debbie at Suburb Sanity.

Everyone who has ever had a mammogram should read Anna Lefler's post ("Wham. Bam. Mammogram.") from Anna Lefler's blog Life Just Keeps Getting Weirder. Even if you haven't had a mammogram, it's still hilarious stuff. I was reading this at work when I needed a little pick me up and oh my God, did Anna deliver. Thank you, Anna!

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