Sunday, April 19, 2009

Birds on a Limb

Photo of a tree in my mom's backyard, taken this morning

My thoughts this evening have been branching out in many directions. There's lots that I want to write about, that I need to write about, but I am all over the place right now.

I'm coming down from the high of a successful event last night at work. This particular event always induces an exhaustion in me for several days thereafter. Tomorrow will be no exception as I continue to edit more than 400 photos that I'll fret over, hoping they capture what I saw through the lens. (I'm hardly an amateur photographer, but because of the unavailability of the photographer I usually work with, I'm relying on myself and some great assistants to tell the stories.)

And an ongoing family situation with no end in sight took a turn in the night as a mockingbird sang nonstop in the deepest darkness, continued chirping at daybreak, and accompanied my mother and me as we walked and talked in the garden, checking on the new plantings, pacing through the dampness, looking skyward for solutions unforthcoming. Photographing the garden and knowing the tranquil morning was only on the surface. The answers out of the darkness not yet within our grasp of understanding.


Niksmom said...

I hope the light of day reveals some answers or some comfort? Sounds like both may be needed. (((hugs)))

Dawn - She is Too Fond of Books said...

Very expressive photo.

Hope all is well at home with your family.

Melissa said...

Niksmom and Dawn ~ thanks so much for your thoughts and words of concern. We will get through this. Doesn't seem like it right now, but I have to hope that we will. Thanks again.