Thursday, April 30, 2009

Retail Therapy in the Form of Books

A coworker and I were feeling kind of blah today for no apparent reason, so I suggested a visit to a nearby thrift store (not the one affiliated with our organization) to peruse their used books section. My colleague, being a fellow bookworm herself, eagerly agreed such a trip was in order and at lunchtime we headed off in search of new-to-us books and Starbucks.

This particular thrift store sells hardbacks for 90 cents and paperbacks for - wait for it! - 35 cents. Yes indeedy, a mere thirty-five cents! I never leave this store disappointed.

Here's what I found today:

Virginia Woolf, An Illustrated Anthology (such a cute little book with excerpts from her novels and letters, along with drawings and paintings)

Great Short Stories by American Women (this one is 13 stories from 19th and early 20th century writers)

Touch and Go - by Studs Terkel (I started this on audio a few months ago but just couldn't get into it much. I love Studs Terkel, though, so maybe I'll have better luck with the printed version.)

Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage - by Alice Munro

Friend of My Youth - by Alice Munro (I've never read Alice Munro. I know, I know. I own several of her books, so there's no excuse. None whatsoever.)

House of Windows - by Adina Hoffman (The premise of this one looked intriguing, and according to the cover, the copy I bought today is an ARC. According to the back cover, it's a memoir of living in Musrara, a neighborhood on the border of the western (Jewish) and eastern (Arab) sides of Jerusalem.)

Expecting Adam - by Martha Beck (This has been on my TBR list for years. For me, Martha's monthly columns in O are hit or miss - but I am interested in her story about knowing that her son would have Down Syndrome and the decision to continue the pregnancy.)

A Big Storm Knocked It Over - by Laurie Colwin (Because I've never read any Laurie Colwin either, can you believe that?)

A Year in Provence - by Peter Mayle (Just because it looked interesting, and this might be good for one of the challenges that I am blanking on ... the Summer Travels Challenge? The Summer Vacation Challenge? Oh, hell, you know which one I'm talking about ...)

Written By Herself - by Jill Kerr Conway (Because I cannot resist any anthology of autobiographies of American women.)

The Third Angel - by Alice Hoffman (Another author I've never read, but probably should.)

The Post-Birthday World - by Lionel Shriver (Been on my TBR list for awhile now.)

Treasury of Women's Quotations - by Carolyn Warner (Because I can't resist quotation books either.)

Ready for the total cost? $8.11. Eight dollars and eleven cents, people! Ah, yes, is there any better retail therapy than 13 books for just over eight bucks?


Anonymous said...

That is wonderful!
Too bad I've never heard of any of those people. I guess I need to get me some culture. :)
Happy reading!!

Anonymous said...

Sweet! There's nothing better than retail therapy at a bookstore.