Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wonderous Words Wednesday

When I was around 9 or 10, I decided I wanted to learn every word in the dictionary. I got myself a notebook and, beginning with A, would scan the list of words until I came across one that was unfamiliar. Then, I'd write it down, definition and all, in my handy-dandy notebook.

Yes, this was my idea of a fun time back then ... and in some ways it still is. I love this new weekly meme started by Bermudaonion where we list the new words (to us) that we've come across during our reading this week. (Bermudaonion's new words can be found here). Here are my new-to-me words for this week:

cenotaph: n.
a sepulchral monument erected in memory of a deceased person whose body is buried elsewhere.
Arron's closet became a makeshift cenotaph. (From The Alchemy of Loss, by Abigail Carter).

torpid:adj. 1. inactive or sluggish; 2. slow; dull; apathetic; lethargic. 3. dormant, as a hibernating or estivating animal.

The dog days made her torpid.(From The Girl Who Stopped Swimming, by Joshilyn Jackson)

penury: n.
1.extreme poverty; destitution.
2.scarcity; dearth; inadequacy; insufficiency.
But even that makes me feel ashamed of my penury and like I am doing nothing to encourage the needy economy. (From Liz Smith's post on wowOwow, "Liz Smith Follows Fred Friendly's Advice on Spending")

What new words did you learn this week?

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