Friday, May 8, 2009

Boo's Going Green

For months now, Boo's been undergoing a little transformation of sorts when he gets angry or frustrated. He'll grit his teeth, ball his hands into fists, tense his little body so much he begins to shake, and snarls at us. We've seen enough of these occurances (like on a daily basis or so) to know these are (usually) fairly short-lived, and we've become accustomed to this as Boo's way of holding on to whatever self-control he can muster up in the face of extreme frustration. (And in some ways, I guess this is more productive than hitting people or breaking things.)

So this morning, Boo was being incredibly obstinate about getting dressed and if we were going to make it to Moms for Muffins (also known as "have breakfast in the cafeteria with your child for Mother's Day") at school, then his book of choice (Captain Underpants) needed to be put aside and real underpants and clothing needed to be put on.

"Let's get a move on already!" I hollered, for what seemed like the upteenth time. And, predictably, he started this nonsense with the fists, the growling, the teeth baring. I rolled my eyes in response.

"What are you trying to do when you do that?" I said, exasperated.

"I'm trying to turn my whole body green!" Boo yelled, with all seriousness.

And with that I lost it, laughing. "You mean like The Incredible Hulk?"


Now, I don't know where or when he would have even heard or seen The Incredible Hulk (is he making a comeback of sorts?) but having Boo turn into the Hulk could come in handy around here. You see, apparently there was a thunderstorm yesterday afternoon while we were all at school and work, and lightning struck our wireless system, security alarm, and cable. We also lost partial electric power, and the motor to the automatic garage door was zapped. We're all fine, so is the house, and after 24 hours our Internet access has been restored. The only casualty seems to have been the busted motor to the garage door.

Which is somewhat unnecessary now that the Hulk is lurking about, if you think about it. All I need is for Boo to get angry (easy enough to do) and turn into the Hulk and voila, he can charge right through the garage door or open it simply by lifting a finger. Cheaper than a new garage door and Boo gets to go green at the same time.

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