Saturday, May 23, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend Musings

Happy Memorial Day Weekend, everyone!

Hopefully your weekend is off to a good start. It's somewhat of a low-key holiday weekend for us, which is just the way I like 'em. Today was spent visiting good friends of ours. Their twin daughters are turning six, which meant a celebration was in order at a JW Tumbles, a kids' gym type of establishment. It went very well, and we were happy to be there. (It meant two hours in the car each way, but these are good friends of ours and Betty and Boo seemed to have a really good time.)

The party locale was mere minutes from Washington Crossing, so afterwards we stopped by the park so we could see the spot where George Washington crossed the Delaware River. Since Boo is into the presidents (although not as much lately as he previously was), we thought this would be of interest. It was, but since we were tired from the party and had a long ride ahead of us, we didn't explore Washington Crossing as much as we wanted to. It's a beautiful park, though, and if you have the opportunity to go, you should.

Otherwise, a new playground has opened nearby, so we might check that out tomorrow or Monday. Strawberry picking at a local farm is also pretty high on the agenda for either of those days. And, purchasing some sort of backyard pool. Our budget doesn't allow for us to join the swim club again this year, thanks to them eliminating the type of membership that we were previously. It will now cost more than twice as much, so ...

I'm also hoping to do some reading - both books and blogs. I just started Louise Erdrich's short story collection The Red Convertible. And if there's an opportunity to get my Google Reader under 1000+, I'd love to see that happen, too.

Hope everyone is having a safe and happy weekend!

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