Saturday, June 27, 2009

Best of the Week - June 21-27, 2009

Oh, I know what you've been wondering. You've been scratching your head wondering where in the world my Best of the Week roundup went to over the past month and when (or if) it would return. (Admit it, I know you've asked yourself these burning questions at least daily over the past few weeks.)

The reality is that I've been ... um, well, a little lazy about getting the Best Ofs together, but this week (of all the crazy weeks!) I've actually done so. There's a lot more from earlier in the month, so its possible that I will need to do a Best of the Month later on.

But for now, here are some of the more interesting and thought-provoking things I've read this week.

Ted Anthony's article about the passing of Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett ("A generation mourns two icons lost") is the best piece I've read thus far about this watershed moment for Generation X. (And yes, I would be saying that even if I hadn't met Ted Anthony himself many, many moons ago. In fact, I knew the article would be one of my best-of's before I looked at the byline.)

A great tribute to and retrospective of Farrah Fawcett's life, as posted on

A thought provoking post on Suburb Sanity about organ donation in this country, an opt-in system, as compared to others where people have to opt-out of being an organ donor. This week, 102,075 people were waiting for a liver. (That doesn't count the folks waiting for hearts, kidneys, lungs, and other organs.)

Squidalicious provides an extended review of Mother Warriors by actress and autism mom Jenny McCarthy. Jenny's a bit of a lightning rod of controversy in the autism world (to put it mildly) and truthfully, I haven't put much stock into her brand of advocacy, and I haven't read Mother Warriors (nor do I plan on doing so.) But this post on Squidalicious is very well done and explains very succinctly why many parents are upset with Ms. McCarthy and her crusade.

I haven't watched the new TNT show "Raising the Bar," but I like this post on Genesis Moments about an upcoming episode and how it relates to posting (or not posting) photos of our kids online.

OK, let's see ... we've covered death, organ donation, autism, and the Boogeymen of the Internet all in one uplifting Best of the Week post. How 'bout we switch to some lighter material, shall we? Yes, let's. You're quite welcome.

The submissions to the blog Passive-Aggressive Notes are always good for a laugh or two. This one is no exception.

A few weeks ago I was a little bummed to have missed my former library's quarterly book sale (I wasn't in the area during the week of the sale, otherwise I would have made a point to stop by). Lost in Books mentions a cool website, Book Sale Manager, that allows one to find Friends of Library book sales throughout the country. Check it out! (Pun intended.)

At least two people still write love letters to each other - and the whole world can now read them. I speak of the love letters between South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford and his Argentine mistress. As Politico reporter Erica Lovley writes (with a last name of Lovley, do you think they gave her this story intentionally?) this is the stuff of romance novels.
My Facebook friends will remember that I recently kvetched about answering the door at 8:45 p.m., only to discover a pesky kid from down the street inquiring whether my daughter could come outside to play. Um ... that would be a no, since she was already in bed asleep and I had visions of the same for me. Perhaps I should arrange for my Neighbor Girl and the Neighbor Boy referenced in MamaNeena's post/note to meet?

Hope you all have a great week!

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Lori said...

I'm loving your Best Of! I'm going back to click on all the links. I love the show Raising the Bar and was really annoyed that I couldn't watch it on line at work. I'm going to have to find a site that has it.

My middle son is 12 and has a very good, close friend of his whose mother is one of those 102,000+ waiting for one of those livers. It's a sad and scary thing to watch a little boy worried about his mother!

Off to read those links you hooked us up with! Great post!!!