Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bloggiesta Recap

Oh my, wasn't that Bloggiesta a fun 48 hours? It truly was. Thanks so much to Natasha for organizing this, and everyone who hosted a challenge. You guys did an awesome job and as I said in my Bloggiesta Update #2 post, our blogs (and we) are so much better for all of your efforts.

Here's my recap:

Hours spent on the challenge: 11.5 Of course, I would have loved to have done more but family, work, and home obligations called.

What I accomplished:

- Wrote my review of The Red Convertible, as I'd planned. You can read it here.

- Wrote a review of a children's book (a poetry collection called Sky Magic) as a post to have "in the can."

- Added a couple new posts to my "Some of My Best Posts (You May Disagree)" sidebar and took some off.

- Set up posts for two books that I am currently reading, Without a Backward Glance and Loving Frank. Also jotted down some notes about both of them.

- Searched for blogs that have also reviewed Loving Frank by Nancy Hoban, in preparation for my upcoming review (hopefully later this week) and added them to my templated post.

- Searched for blogs that have also reviewed Without a Backward Glance by Kate Veitch, also in preparation for an upcoming post this week, and added them to my templated post.

- Read 210 items in Google Reader. This might sound OK, but I can't remember the last time my GR was under 1000+. Nor do I ever expect to see a three-digit number anytime soon, quite honestly. I subscribe to 249 blogs which had nearly 250 items posted just during the Bloggiesta. (And some of those 249 blogs were added as subscriptions during Bloggiesta.)

- Started to organize my Google Reader subscriptions to include the names of the blogger (when known) so I can put a name to a blog.

- Wrote my post for Saturday. ("My City of Brotherly Love")

- Wrote my Sunday Salon post.

- Deleted a couple of Draft posts that were ridiculous (only a few words or an incoherant sentence)

Mini-Challenges Participated In: Bookish Ruth's Mini-Challenge, Grade Your Website. If you haven't done this yet, you should do so. Website Grader is free and oh-so-simple. I scored a 75/100, which sounds about right to me. Certainly room for improvement, yes, but better than I expected.

I also started Chronicle of an Infant Bibliophile's mini-challenge, which provided quite a few blog directories. I didn't finish this challenge, but even though Bloggiesta is finito, I'm still planning to continue this one.

Comments Left: I'll confess that I was not very good at keeping track of these. I'd estimate maybe 15 or so? Which doesn't sound all that supportive, I know.

What I Enjoyed Most: This was incredibly helpful to me. I learned a lot, and I learned that I still have so very much to learn. But, everyone is so helpful and supportive, and I love that about this community of ours.

What I'd Like to See Included in the Next Bloggiesta: I honestly cannot think of a thing!

Again, I'd like to wrap up my Bloggiesta post by thanking Natasha for hosting such a fun party, the challenge hosts for providing such informative tips, and my loyal readers for giving me feedback and such kind words on this blog. Thank you all.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I think I'm in need of a Bloggiesta Siesta ....


Cindy said...

YOu did a great job. I am sure every little bit helps. Hopefully the next one will work much better for me.

Beth Kephart said...

Jeepers Creepers. I can't imagine getting all that done. We have a number of shared books in our lives... Including the Center of Everything. I didn't love Loving Frank as much as everyone else. SOmething is wrong with me, I'm certain. So glad you read The Red Convertible....

Thank you for making my blog one of the ones you stopped by to visit and comment on today!

Sheila DeChantal said...

Just cruising through the Bloggiesta participant blogs and meeting my fellow book bloggers. I would have liked to have done more too but yeah... life sometimes gets in the way. :)

Betty and Boo's Mommy said...

Cindy - thanks! You seemed to accomplish a lot too.

Beth - your blog is one of my must-reads every day, even if I don't have a chance to leave a comment. Thanks for introducing me to The Red Convertible.

Sheila - nice to meet you! I'm looking forward to checking out your blog and getting to know you. Glad you stopped by!

Natasha @ Maw Books said...

I've been on a siesta ever since Bloggiesta finished. Thus my late comment here! Thank you for your kind words. It sounds like you got much accomplished!

Betty and Boo's Mommy said...

Natasha, we're always glad to have you stop by over here!