Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Boo's Quest to Grow Money (or, Summer Reading Club Week 2 Recap)

As I'd mentioned last week, Betty and Boo are participating in our library's Summer Reading Club program, which started on the 1st.

When we were browsing at the library this week, Boo grabbed a book off the shelf. "Mommy! I really need this," he said, resolutely. "Can I get this book?"

I looked at what he was holding out to me:

Growing Money: A Complete (and Completely Updated) Investing Guide for Kids by Gail Karlitz. (I think a newer update might be needed, since its latest copyright is 2001 and a few changes have happened in the financial world since then.)

"Uh ... well, sure," I said, mentally conjuring up Alex P. Keaton and envisioning Boo sitting at the breakfast table with The Wall Street Journal. A financial wizard in the family could come in handy.

Well, this entire week, Boo could not seem to tear himself away from Growing Money. He was utterly fascinated by all 122 pages of this. From time to time he'd ask me questions, as if I was prepping for the CPA exam. "What's a mutual fund?" "Have you ever heard of something called the stock market?" (Sadly, yes. Yes, I have.) Much to the amusement of several people, Boo even trotted the book into the car dealership last week and, ironically, read it (and quoted stats about stocks) while The Dean and I signed the requisite paperwork for my new car.

In addition to Growing Money, Boo's been reading several picture books. (He does this; he'll read a book that's somewhat advanced for him and then a picture book or two before going back to something else. As long as he's interested in reading, this doesn't bother me.)
Betty's been reading this copy of Little Women that my grandmother (a.k.a. The Real Betty) gave me when I was around 10 years old.
And during her camp physical at the doctor's office, she picked up an easy reader version of Anne of Green Gables which I actually had to tell her to put down when the nurse was talking to her.
At the library, she also checked out these really cute little books by Susan Beth Pfeffer about each of the March sisters at age 10. They're adorable and intriguing, and I may just have to read them for myself.

Finally, we read a few children's books at snacktime last week for the Summer Reading Club.
I Know an Old Teacher, by Anne Bowen and illustrated by Stephen Gammell
Read All About It! by Laura Bush and Jenna Bush

Buster Goes to Cowboy Camp, by Denise Fleming

All in all, a pretty good start to our Summer Reading!

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