Sunday, July 5, 2009

Best of the Week - June 28-July 4

I took this photo during a post-game fireworks display at a baseball game we attended over Memorial Day weekend.

Let's start this week's Best Of with a reminder from Sassy Secrets of a True Blue Desperate Housewife (how can you not love that blog title!) of just why we're celebrating this weekend. (Hint: it's not about the BBQs and fireworks.)

Also, Lori from The Queen's New Throne gives us some interesting information about the Declaration of Independence.

She also gives us a timely (given Philly's history with our country's earliest days) love letter to the City of Brotherly Love. Like yours truly, Lori is a Philly girl and she loves every bit of her (our) hometown. As she writes, there's oh-so much to like.

I agree with Lori when she says that one of the things that's so great about living here is being within two hours of the beach. And once upon a time, there was a little amusement park in the shore town of Sea Isle City, NJ. It's target audience was the toddler and elementary school demographic - and their parents. I have great memories of Fun City from when my family vacationed in Sea Isle, and it was kind of sad when the land was sold to developers. That was ten years ago, but a deal never materialized ... and now, Fun City is back again. As this blog post from the Philadelphia Inquirer says, it's the only new amusement park opening this summer in the entire country.

Speaking of kids at heart, I love this idea from Stitched: 50 Letters in 50 Days to Write a Michael as a way of remembering and honoring Michael Jackson. (And check out the post about the meaning behind 50 Letters in 50 Days. I love this! This blog is quickly becoming one of my newest favorites.)

Can you stand another Philadelphia reference? Of course you can. Ali from Worducopia is hosting the end-of -June edition of the Bookworms Carnival, which is now posted on her blog. We were asked to submit posts about our local authors, and my tribute to children's author - and Philadelphia resident - Carolyn Haywood is included. As well as some other worthy reads. Check it out!

Speaking of fun places (like carnivals) to hang out, have you joined me over at She Writes? I learned of this new social networking site by reading this post on Girl with Pen, one of my favorite blogs. I know what you're thinking ... I need another social networking site to check and keep up with like I need a hole in the head. But She Writes is a different. It's a new forum where women writers working in every genre--in every part of the world and of all ages and backgrounds--can come together in a space of mutual support. (It's also brand new - just launched this week - and last I looked, there were over 1,000 women writers signed up as members. I'm blogging there under my real name.)

Pamela Murphy of Moms Blogging writes a great post about motherhood on Here's part of it: When did we stop discussing our journeys with one another? Not the journey of motherhood (we discuss this endlessly) but our dreams, our goals, our disappointments, our successes. I know when you are a mother you give constant and unending attention and energy to your children and you want to be the best mother one can be. However, it is a strange thing when your very existence is completely deļ¬ned by being a mother and you, the individual, remain treading in the deepest of waters trying just to keep your head above sea level. Here's the post in its entirety.

If I am ever in need of reconstructive or cosmetic plastic surgery, please make sure this doctor who throws knives as a hobby is not in the room. Thanks. I appreciate it.

Speaking of knife-throwing, I was wondering why I haven't seen any Tweets from Alice Hoffman lately. (I follow her. Or, rather, I did.) I've never read any of Hoffman's work - except her Tweets - but I have Turtle Moon, Seventh Heaven, Here on Earth, The River King, and The Third Angel on my bookshelf. After this brou-ha-ha where Alice Hoffman trashes a critic via Twitter, don't look for them to be reviewed on this blog anytime soon.

I hope you're all enjoying a wonderful, safe holiday weekend (for my readers here in the USA) and, if elsewhere, that your weekend has been a good one. Here's to a great week ahead ... and don't forget to check out She Writes ! Let me know if you join ... I need a few friends over there. :)


Lori said...

Thanks for adding me to your Best Of!!

Now I have some more blogs to check out and I think I might be pulling my Hoffman books off my shelves too.

Betty and Boo's Mommy said...

You're quite welcome for the shout-out, Lori. Those were fun posts.

I will likely still read the Hoffman books I have - I still regard her as a writer worth reading, even though I haven't read any of her (if that makes sense) - but just won't review them. I have enough problems - as well as a skin that only appears thicker than it really is. :)

Enjoy the blog-hopping (my favorite form of exercise.)